PHOTO: Billionaire in NZ

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Australia, is New Zealand. While these two countries may be neighbors, they’re quite different! Billionaire life in New Zealand is still pretty new. The country has just over five million residents, which is smaller than some cities! However, New Zealand is becoming the home of many American billionaires because it’s the most ideal place to ride out the apocalypse. Yes, this is true. Billionaires like Larry Page and Peter Thield find that New Zealand is the best place to go should society ever collapse.

They have even become official citizens, otherwise known as Kiwis. It’s truly remarkable how one little country can grow so much thanks to a few rich people noticing it. Since New Zealand’s pretty new to having so many wealthy people, it’s not as developed as other cities like Paris or New York City. The country only has a few Michelin star restaurants. But there is plenty of real estate to go around.

Also, the country is seeing an increase in up and coming wealthy elite youths growing up into their own. Yet, many of the rich kids coming from wealthy families aren’t very well-rounded. In fact, they’re quite sheltered. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to be a billionaire in New Zealand and see how the other half lives!