Hotel Britomart

PHOTO: Hotel Britomart. Photo credit: File

An Auckland inner city hotel and restaurant operator has decided it will take only guests who are fully vaccinated from November.

The Hotel Britomart, including its restaurant Kingi, is introducing a vaccine mandate ahead of any Government licence to do so.

The hotel’s owner also operates The Landing, a luxury holiday accommodation in the Bay of Islands, which is also part of the vaccine mandate.

Its general manager Clinton Farley said they were taking the position to keep their staff and guests safe.

“We’ve decided to take a stance on mandating vaccines across our entire team,” he said.

“We’re mandating that all our suppliers and contractors and visitors whether they be guests or restaurant patrons also are double dosed and able to provide evidence of that before setting foot on our property.”

He said the legal ramifications have been considered and the decision to introduce a vaccine mandate was not taken lightly.

Farley said anyone who could not prove their vaccine status would be turned away.


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