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PHOTO: Tim Webb, who markets himself as an Agent of Change. GETTY

An Auckland real estate agent has apologised for an “unacceptable” post where he offered unvaccinated Kiwis discounted rates.

Tim Webb, who markets himself as an Agent of Change, posted to his Facebook page on Thursday that as a “formal protest” he was going to increase his usual 2 percent fee to 4 percent for clients who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, unvaccinated clients would receive a discounted fee of 1.8 percent.

Auckland real estate agent Tim Webb apologises for threatening to hike rates for vaccinated clients
Photo credit: Facebook/ Tim Webb

The post was shared on social media where Kiwis ridiculed the discount as a “highly exploitable marketing gimmick”.

“I thought this was a bad joke, until I realised that he was the bad joke,” one person wrote.

But in a statement on Tuesday, Webb said he woke up this morning with “a heavy heart”.

“I love my country and the people who make it the best country in the world. No BS, I would die for each of you today, if I knew the division that separates our country ended tomorrow. I want peace.

“With that said, I’m removing the offer and stand I took yesterday because I’m aggravating the situation, rather acknowledging, accepting and embracing the disharmony and discord amongst us. We need love, not war.”

Auckland real estate agent