PHOTO: The boatshed, for sale for $190,000

Any closer and you’re swimming. So reads the listing for a waterfront property for sale in a holiday hotspot with a price tag of less than $200,000.

The block on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, will only set you back about a quarter of the area’s median house price, but there’s a catch: you can’t live there, only your boats can.

That’s right; it’s a boat shed with a view.

There are approximately 2000 boat sheds and bathing boxes in Victoria. While the latter is a well-known staple of a summer spent on the peninsula, larger boat sheds – many of which don’t house boats – also dot the coast.

This particular boat shed can actually fit a boat, which is part of its appeal, according to selling agent Daniel Chessari of Ray White Rye.

“Normally they’re bathing boxes; this is different. This is a proper boat shed about three times the size,” he said. “If people want to put their sailboats in there they can, and it’s a beautiful bay that’s safe for kids.”