PHOTO: Auctions are still being held in person despite coronavirus fears, but some agents are offering private tours instead of open-for-inspections. Photo: Stephen McKenzie

Private tours of homes instead of public open for inspections, bottles of hand sanitiser on entry, and warnings to vendors to lock away the toilet paper: welcome to buying real estate amid coronavirus.

With jitters high about large gatherings, even as the housing market rebounds, real estate agents are at pains to protect their vendors, buyers and staff.

Professionals chief executive David Crombie is running a national training event for his staff on Friday about considerations from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Open for inspections is one of those, and the suggestion that maybe the offices perform individual open for inspections,” he said.

“A couple have already started doing that. They won’t be doing those group open-for-inspections, they’ll be doing individual ones.

“They can ask the question: ‘Have you been overseas in the last two weeks, or have you been around someone who has been diagnosed with the virus?’ ”