modular hotel

PHOTO: JOSEPH JOHNSON/STUFF Christchurch’s five-storey Arden Hotel on the corner of Salisbury and Colombo Sts is New Zealand’s first modular hotel. More are planned in Auckland and Tekapo.

New Zealand’s first modular hotel was to be a speedy eight-month build, but consenting problems meant it finally opened more than two years late.

Christchurch developer Gary Le Pine admits he took a gamble ordering the “pods” before getting building consent sorted for the 88-room Arden Hotel on the corner of Colombo and Salisbury Streets.

Adding to the consenting delays, thieves stole 180 exterior aluminium panels in storage on an inner city site. 

“They probably sold them for scrap. That held us up for three months because we had to have a special run made in China.”


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