PHOTO: Anne and Vivian were nervous ahead of auction. Photo: Your Domain

Three generations from the same family – seven people in total – said goodbye to their five-bedroom home at a hard-fought auction last weekend.

87-year-old Anne, her daughter Vivian, her son-in-law, and her four grandchildren have lived under the same roof for three years.

“My brother and I grew up here, and when [my] dad passed away in 2017, Mum was left here on her own. She just asked us to move back,” Vivian told Your Domain. “It’s a bit chaotic but it’s great. We are loving, big-hearted family.”

Vivian’s passion for cars meant she, her partner and their children were moving to Southern Tablelands south-west of Sydney. She is hoping the move would allow for more quality time with her children – and to be closer to local race tracks.

For her mother Anne, saying goodbye to her home of 36 years was emotionally-charged.

“Well, it’s going to be a cut-off from the life we had – it’s just been so long,” she said.