PHOTO: The judge ordered the Consumer Affairs Commissioner to pay Cocks Auld’s costs in defending the case.

A boutique real estate agency has been cleared in court of underquoting on residential land in a series of newspaper advertisements.

Adelaide-based Cocks Auld Real Estate had been accused by South Australia’s Consumer and Business Services Commissioner, which oversees issues of fair trading and consumer affairs, of advertising residential land for sale in local newspapers and The Advertiser for $550,000.

This allegedly went against the vendor’s accepted minimum price of $600,000, effectively amounting to an underquoting.

The commissioner announced back in June 2017 of impending court action against Cocks Auld, alleging four breaches each of the Australian Consumer Law and the South Australian Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act, by making false or misleading representations about the land and its price expectations.