PHOTO: Clay Chigwidden with Bob and Janet Reoch donating money to charity Roll 101. Source: Supplied

ONE southern Sydney agent has donated over $10,500 to charity, inspired by the heartbreaking story of his vendors.

When Ray White-Green Square Botany agent Clay Chigwidden heard his vendors Bob and Janet Reoch had recently lost their son Robbie through a combination of a motocross accident and cystic fibrosis, he knew he wanted to help.

Mr Chigwidden agreed to donate half of his commission from the sale of the Reoch family’s property to charity ROLL 101, which provides assistance to young people impacted by chronic illness or catastrophic injuries.

Having spent time with the family during the sales process and learning about their son’s illness and injuries, Mr Chigwidden, in consultation with the Reoch family, decided it was the best way to raise awareness and honour Robbie’s memory.