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Airbnb Inc. is currently in the limelight. On September 5, New York City implemented measures that Airbnb has termed a “de facto ban” on its short-term rental platform.

The abundance of short-term listings on Airbnb in New York City, one of the platform’s major markets, has markedly dwindled. And, according to the renowned author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, a substantial shift in the real estate sector is on the horizon.

In a recent post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Kiyosaki stated, “Airbnb poised to lead a real estate market crash.”

While a decline in real estate prices can be disheartening for homeowners, Kiyosaki sees this as an opportunity for prospective buyers.



“If you’re looking for a new home, your moment of joy is approaching, and the same goes for rental properties,” he emphasized. “The optimal time to accumulate wealth is during a market downturn.”

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Kiyosaki’s post has garnered 2.4 million views and 17,800 likes.

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If you share this perspective, you can await a drop in property prices before acquiring a home or income property at a discounted rate. Nevertheless, Kiyosaki discerns an exceptional opportunity for investors, and it’s not in real estate.

‘The Most Significant Investment Opportunity’ In another post on X, Kiyosaki wrote, “BIB: The Most Significant Investment Opportunity – Silver is still 50% below its all-time high and is in demand due to the green energy and electric vehicle (EV) sectors.”

The celebrated author has long been an advocate of precious metals like gold and silver, which have served as a store of value for millennia.

Unlike fiat currencies, which central banks can produce in unlimited quantities, precious metals possess inherent scarcity, rendering them a valuable safeguard against inflation.

Kiyosaki also highlighted silver’s crucial role in both the solar and electric vehicle industries because of its unique conductive properties.

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“Silver is the second-most used commodity after oil. Silver has functioned as currency for centuries. Almost everyone can afford a single silver coin, yet most people opt to save counterfeit, fake dollars. It’s a lamentable situation,” the author expressed.

Investors have straightforward access to silver. Silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mining companies are poised to benefit from rising silver prices.

However, in an interview earlier this year, Kiyosaki stated that he is “steering clear” of precious metals ETFs because he wants to eliminate “counterparty risk” and instead prefers physical bullion.

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