PHOTO: Amity Dry

When a year’s worth of work dried up overnight, performer Amity Dry needed to act fast. Given her success on The Block, it’s not too surprising that Amity is now taking on real estate.

It’s been 23 years since Amity Dry was the new girl on the block.

Not the hit television show. She’s done that – twice- very successfully.

No, this time Amity has swapped the bright lights of the stage for a suit and joined Adelaide’s Ouwens Casserly Real Estate as a sales associate.

It’s a career move the effervescent singer, actress, writer and composer says was necessitated by the harsh impact of COVID-19 on the arts and entertainment industry.

Best known for her stint on season one of The Block in 2003 and winning the All-Stars season a decade later, Amity says when COVID-19 arrived earlier this year work stopped instantly.

“It didn’t just dry up a little bit, it dried up entirely, overnight,” Amity says.

“I had a year’s worth of tours and gigs booked and then, one day in March, everything stopped.”

Like many others, Amity initially thought life would return to normal in a month or two, so she wasn’t too concerned in the beginning.

But as one month turned into two and three, and then four months, Amity started getting restless without a project or challenge to occupy her time.

She quickly realised work in the arts and entertainment sector wouldn’t return to normal quickly and that she needed another job.

But not just any job.