PHOTO: Baha Nabulsi’s Facebook post

“Who’s his realtor?” post in industry group was met with outrage

Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash Sunday triggered an outpouring of grief across the world, with sports fans paying tribute to one of basketball’s greatest-ever talents. But one eXp Realty agent saw the tragedy as an opportunity, and an off-color remark she made on social media has now led to her dismissal.

“Who’s his realtor?” agent Baha Nabulsi posted in a Facebook group called “Real Estate Mastermind” just hours after Bryant, his teenage daughter and seven others were killed when their helicopter crashed into a Calabasas hillside outside Los Angeles. According to Inman, a managing broker from eXp’s Austin office, Shelia Dunagan, posted an apology and promised that the issue would be “dealt with.”

Nabulsi was later fired from eXp, with a spokesperson for the firm telling Inman that the firm “does not condone or support behavior that does not match our core values.”

Bryant, a five-time NBA champion with the L.A. Lakers and the fourth-leading scorer of all time, lived in a gated community in Newport Beach off of North Pelican Hill Road, and owned a number of other properties in the area.