PHOTO: Fig Tree Pocket, in Brisbane’s inner west, was the city’s best-performing suburb for house prices in 2019. Photo: Cathy Lammie Property

House prices in Fig Tree Pocket have skyrocketed by a massive 30 per cent in the space of a year, while other Brisbane suburbs have recorded double-digit growth, new data shows.

Fig Tree Pocket, in Brisbane’s leafy inner west, increased by a whopping 30.2 per cent over the 12 months to December 2019, to a median of $1.15 million.

Other standout performers included the inner-north blue-chip favourite of Windsor, which was up 22.1 per cent for the year with a median house price of $980,000.

Neighbourhood Windsor Qld.
Windsor, in Brisbane’s inner north, has recorded a massive 22 per cent rise in the median house price in just one year. Photo: Tammy Law