PHOTO: Berthong – Billyard Ave, Elizabeth Bay, NSW Source: Supplied

Retired car dealer Laurie Sutton has been revealed as selling a Darling Point mansion for $32m and buying the Elizabeth Bay waterfront trophy home Berthong for even more.

Sutton’s former home is a grand architectural masterpiece of five bedrooms and six glamorous bathrooms and is one of just four homes in exclusive Lindsay Avenue, but it wasn’t directly on the waterfront.

However, historic Berthong — a historic 1880s villa in Billyard Avenue once owned by Rupert Murdoch and movie star Russell Crowe — has beautiful gardens leading down to the harbour.

Laurie Sutton’s family has 24 car dealerships and has been operating since 1943.

Berthong is right on the waterfront.

Berthong is right on the waterfront. Source: Supplied