PHOTO: Rapper Curtis James Jackson III — AKA 50 Cent

Rapper Curtis James Jackson III — AKA 50 Cent — recently sold the Connecticut mega-mansion he’s been trying to flip for 12 years for $2.9m — $1.2m less than he paid for it.

Why did Fitty sell at such a steep discount? Well, he was paying $70k every month just to take care of the place.

A 50 Cent mansion… at an 84% discount

Jackson bought a 52-room palace in Farmington, CT, from Mike Tyson for $4.1m in 2003 — the same year Get Rich or Die Tryin’ came out.

The house was a humble rap mogul’s crib: 2 pools, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a nightclub, a gym, home theater, game room, recording studio — and a giant mural of Fitty pointing a gun.