PHOTO: The alleged fraudster was reportedly unaware that the home belonged to Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry. HipHollywood

In possibly one of the odder celebrity home-related stories to circulate, a man has allegedly tried to steal a Los Angeles house belonging to Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry.

According to gossip site TMZ, the ill-fated venture started at least as far back as January this year when, allegedly, an eagle-eyed gardener noted the man in question trying to fiddle with some of the locks at the property.

Other employees then allegedly saw him in again March, this time with a locksmith. The man, said to be 49-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin, claimed he was the new owner of the home.

Mr Griffin is alleged to have created a fake deed of title for the home, which he presented to the police who had been notified, and insisted that it was, indeed, his house.