Geraldine Hermens


PHOTO: Geraldine Hermens – LJ Hooker

The perils of quickly answering an email at night were pointed to by a lawyer who defended a Dunedin real estate agent found guilty of unsatisfactory conduct over what she told clients one evening.

Ellie Harrison, a senior associate at Wynn Williams, defended Geraldine Hermens of L J Hooker Dunedin in a case before a Real Estate Authority complaints assessment committee.

House buyers complained that Hermens misled them about whether a property in Oakland St, Andersons Bay, contained scrim, about a bedroom which was smaller than stipulated and that the cooktop was an induction unit when it was ceramic.

The committee found the charge about misleading over the scrim was proven.

The buyers wanted to ensure the house they bought did not have scrim and asked Hermens about that via email. She replied saying “There is no scrim in the house”.