PHOTO: The farm was in Sheffield in Tasmania’s north-west. (Supplied: Real Estate)

An elderly man who sold his home and moved to Tasmania with the promise of living out his days on a farm is suing his former son-in-law for allegedly reneging on their agreement.

In 2018, Vernon Roy Scott claims he was approached by his then son-in-law, lawyer Shaun Victor Kerrigan, about investing in a property in north-west Tasmania.

Documents filed with the Supreme Court in Hobart allege Mr Kerrigan orally proposed the 77-year-old sell his “only residence” in Barraba in New South Wales and invest $250,000 from the proceeds of that sale into a farm in Sheffield.

Mr Kerrigan denies these claims.

Mr Scott alleges Mr Kerrigan told him to invest because he had a contract to live export Wagyu cattle to South-East Asia and would use the farm to raise and graze the cattle.

Court documents claim Mr Kerrigan said he and his then wife, Justine, would purchase the Hamptons Road Farm using the $250,000 together with a further $650,000 from tax accountant and agent Salvatore Peter Cassaniti.

In exchange for the investment, Mr Scott claims he would have been “entitled to live permanently on the property” and could assist Mr and Mrs Kerrigan in setting up and operating the cattle export farm business.

Mr Scott said he agreed to invest because it was his son-in-law, who was a lawyer, proposing it.

In 2018 he sold his NSW property and claims he gave Mr and Mrs Kerrigan a $10,000 cheque for the deposit.

In September 2018 the Hamptons Road Farm was purchased for $900,000.