PHOTO: Elvis enjoying the great outdoors in the 1970s. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

Not far from his famed Graceland mansion, one of the secrets Elvis Presley took to his grave has finally been uncovered.

A large plot of land in Coldwater, Mississippi purchased by the King of rock n’roll in the 1960s, has revealed clues about the life he led, more than 40 years after he died.

It has been discovered Elvis often retreated to the property, away from the almost ever present glare of the spotlight, to relax and reconnect with nature.

The property, a short drive from Memphis, Tennessee, offers incredible solitude and privacy and is surrounded on all sides by forest.

Elvis was known for his generosity to family and friends. The 33-acre parcel of land was purchased under the name Vernon E. Presley, Elvis’ father in 1965 by the singing star himself.