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PHOTO: Dunedin Law Courts – Wikipedia

A real-estate agent has suffered a “massive fall from grace” after being convicted of domestic violence.

Kevin Barry Duggan (56) can now be named after suppression lapsed at his Dunedin District Court sentencing this week.

Judge Michael Crosbie found him guilty of two counts of assaulting a female, one of assault with intent to injure and one of injuring with intent to injure, and imposed 11 months’ home detention.

According to references before the court, Duggan was regarded as “an upstanding member of the community” in both his business and his sporting pursuits.

Since he had been charged over the raft of violent acts, which spanned several months in 2017, he had lost his job, the judge said.

His appearance in court and loss of suppression, Judge Crosbie said, also made it “a very public fall from grace”.

The first flashpoint came when Duggan and the victim attended a birthday party in Christchurch in mid-2017.



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