Pihama Co-operative Dairy Company

PHOTO: Liz Sinclair has lived in the converted Pihama Co-operative Dairy Company premises for the past 10 years, running her lavender farm and accommodation business. The courtyard was created after a fire destroyed the old roof.

The owner of a Taranaki lavender farm is bidding farewell to the place she’s cherished as her home for the past decade, all because she has recently become a grandmother.

This charming farm has a rich history, originating as a co-operative dairy factory back in 1897. The factory, once a hub for churning butter and producing cheese, ceased its operations in 1967.

Sinclair has made the difficult decision to put the farm on the market after the joyous arrival of her newborn grandchild, stating, “It’s just a bit too spacious for me at this stage of my life.” She shared, “I fell in love with this place. I’m still deeply enamored with it. It’s like residing within an enormous historical jigsaw puzzle. I will genuinely miss it.”

Pihama Lavender.

Describing the farm’s allure, she mentioned, “It’s reminiscent of the south of France, with colors growing ever more vivid until they become nearly overwhelming. The bees themselves signal when it’s time to harvest the lavender.”

In addition to its breathtaking vistas, the farm offers accommodations, a shop, and a gallery where Sinclair vends her lavender products. She also hosts events like farmers’ markets and occasional weddings.

Pihama Lavender boasts a charming courtyard.

Despite her departure, Sinclair has a few suggestions for the farm’s prospective new owners. She suggested, “This place could make for an exceptional restaurant. I have the space; it just requires more vitality and potentially more hands to share the workload.”

Pihama is close to the coast. The lavender beds can be seen at right.
Pihama is close to the coast. The lavender beds can be seen at right. MCDONALD REAL ESTATE

This unique property, encompassing 1.79 hectares of land, is now available on the market, with offers invited starting from $1.2 million.


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