PHOTO: The ‘Praying for Time’ singer – who died as a result of heart and liver disease – did not leave anything to his former lover in his will. File picture: AP

George Michael‘s ex-boyfriend was caught breaking into the late singer’s London home this week.

Fadi Fawaz reportedly smashed a window to get into the property in Regent’s Park, which has been empty since the ‘Careless Whisper’ hitmaker’s family evicted the 47-year-old hairdresser last year, but was “dragged out” by police at around 11am on Tuesday.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Fadi looked in a bad way, like he’d been living rough. He was very emotional.

“He somehow managed to get over the security fence before smashing one of the windows and going inside.

“When the police arrived they tried to reason with him but he just kept screaming that it was his place and George wanted him to have it.

“In the end, they dragged him out and sent him packing but I wonder how long it will be before he returns.

“This must be a very difficult and lonely time of the year for Fadi, with the anniversary of George’s death.

“He’s been his own worst enemy for years but it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for him.”