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PHOTO: Melbourne, Victoria – Australia

A peculiar find in an online listing for a Melbourne property has taken the internet by storm, thanks to an observant house hunter who spotted an amusing detail in one of its photos.

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A snapshot of the listing made its way to social media, accompanied by the caption: “When you can’t be bothered to get out of bed for listing photos.”

Among the various images showcasing the property, one photo caught attention—a bedroom picture revealing a person lying beneath a duvet.

property listing

The listing for the Melbourne property included a photo which appears to show someone sleeping in a bed. Credit: Reddit

The comment section was flooded with over 100 responses, all in good humor, mocking the comical observation.

“Night shift life,” quipped one person in response.

“Let’s hope they’re alive,” jested another.

“It comes with a friend,” commented a witty individual.

The Melbourne property listing included a photograph featuring someone seemingly asleep in a bed.

Others shared their experiences of real estate agents inconveniencing them by showing up for photos at unfavorable times.

“When I used to work nights, the real estate agent would sometimes say, ‘The photographer will come at 1 pm, and if you’re not home, we can use our key.’ I understand that it’s actually a good time in most cases when people are awake or even out of the house for the photos… but that’s basically my equivalent of 3 am in the morning, and I am sleeping,” recounted one person.

In response, someone humorously chimed in, “Yeah, sometimes people sleep in the houses they pay for.”

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit was listed by Harcourts, but the listing has since been removed from their website.


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