raunchy real estate ad


PHOTO: Steamy real estate video 

The brokerage had once said it ‘missed the mark’ by posting the ‘off the rails’ promo video

The agent who made a steamy real estate video to accompany a listing was doing something right. A 23-year-old buyer who saw the video online ended up buying the house for $1.72 million Australian dollars, or about $1.21 million.

Sam Nader, a real estate agent who works for Sydney-based LJ Hooker Bankstown, created a promo video in which a couple dance, strut and swim in a pool before heading to the bedroom. Even though some called the video ‘off the rails’ and a disgrace to the industry, it helped the pad go viral — and, according to local news outlets, attracted more than 1,000 groups interested in buying the luxury property.