Selling your home can sometimes prove to be a nightmare. Now, residents in Los Angeles and Orange counties have the option to sell their homes directly to Zillow.

Interested sellers can go to Zillow Offers and get a cash offer which the real estate company said eliminates the “hassle” of going the traditional route and listing a home for sale.

Once homeowners enter their address and answer a few questions about their property, within 48 hours, they can receive a “fair market value offer” from Zillow and pick a closing date, the company said.

When Laguna Woods resident Donna Kish was selling her Riverside County home, she said it was exhausting to think about especially with up to $35,000 in estimated repairs.

“We didn’t want to deal with contractors, hiring contractors, having them traipse through the home, tear it apart. We did not want people traipsing through our home with real estate agents,” Kish said.

She and her husband decided to try out Zillow Offers. They filled out an online form, Zillow came for a walk through of the property, and within 48 hours, they were given a cash offer.

“It was seamless, comfortable. I didn’t stress one bit,” Kish said.

Kish didn’t have to deal with repairs, an open house, and got to choose her closing date. They paid six to nine percent in fees for the transaction, and felt it was fair.

“You might think that it’s a millennial thing, but it’s not. The consumer is demanding ease and simplicity and it’s pretty consistent across the board,” said Suzanne Seini with Active Realty, a company working with Zillow in Orange and Riverside counties.