PHOTO: Demand for home offices has soared in recent months. Photo: Stocksy

Demand for home offices, studios and granny flats have soared amid the coronavirus pandemic, as cooped-up house hunters seek out more space.

Separate areas in which to work and unwind became increasingly front of mind for renters and buyers in recent months, new Domain data shows, with searches for home offices more than doubling across several states.

House hunters were also increasingly on the lookout for balconies, gardens and courtyards and retreats, according to the keyword search data.

Having to work and school from home has highlighted the need for the spaces we share to be more flexible. Photo: iStock

“That’s a result of being cooped up,” said Melbourne buyer’s advocate Cate Bakos. “We’ve had an enormous uptake of people wanting an extra room for a study or even having two studies, because if you’ve got two people working from home professionally and they’re both in a lot of video meetings it can be hard to work in the one space.”