PHOTO: NYC real estate agent Philip Scheinfeld relies heavily on social media to keep sales growing. PROVIDED

Industries that rely heavily on in-person, face-to-face contact have had to adapt quickly in order to stay relevant this year.

One of those industries is real estate. Instead of hosting open houses and scheduling multiple showings in an afternoon, agents are now doing much more work behind the screen—whether that’s streaming video walk-throughs for multiple clients at a time or working with other videographers to develop 3D tours.

While real estate already relied heavily on online platforms like Zillow and social media sites, the importance of these platforms has increased exponentially with everyone staying home.

I recently spoke with one luxury agent, Philip Scheinfeld of New York’s Compass, about what he and his colleagues are seeing in terms of how social media is shaping the industry. Scheinfeld is one of the city’s most successful young real estate agents, having sold over $150,000,000 worth of property across New York City.

Shama Hyder: What role does social media play in real estate today? What do you think real estate agents need to know about these tools?

Philip Scheinfeld: Real estate agents are now selling homes and buildings, finding clients, and growing their brands online — all through social media.

Having a social media presence is one of the most important, if not the most important presence you can have today as an agent. That’s true even more so in today’s world—not being able to meet IRL for the last few months has significantly changed how we run our business. Now our clients’ first impression is online, whether it’s via Zoom or Instagram.