Alert Level 3

PHOTO: Alert Level 3 Real Estate in New Zealand


The following guidance is for licensees working at alert level 3 and has been prepared having regard to relevant Public Health Response Orders.

These guidelines are designed to support the safety and wellbeing of all people involved in real estate transactions and to prevent and limit the risk of spread of COVID-19, and to respond to the highly infectious nature of the Delta variant.

All real estate work should occur remotely wherever possible.

This page was last reviewed and updated on 31 August 2021.

The primary objective of your actions when working at alert level 3 is to prevent and limit the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19. Please meet the health requirements listed below in the health interests of you and your staff, buyers, vendors and all New Zealanders. We encourage everyone to take a cautious approach to ensure the safety of all involved. Remote and virtual processes are preferred and encouraged.

In addition to this guidance, which is specific to conducting real estate business at alert level 3, all businesses operating at alert level 3 have a responsibility to adhere to all COVID-19 public health guidance and health and safety obligations.

A copy of the Public Health Response Order issued on 31 August 2021 is available here.

Read the government alert level 3 guidance on the COVID-19 website.

Read the key steps to stay healthy on the COVID-19 website.

These guidelines may be updated as the situation develops.

The key changes to this guidance are:

  • Private viewings by buyers or potential buyers are permitted under alert level 3, with the written consent of the vendor and provided all health requirements are met
  • Only two visits or viewings per day are permitted and must meet all health requirements
  • Customers, clients or other members of the public cannot enter your offices
  • Visits to properties by professionals to support the real estate transaction process and to complete pre-sale conditions are permitted provided all health requirements are strictly met
  • Buyers may undertake pre-settlement inspections and may relocate their home
  • Buyers agents may undertake pre-settlement inspections for their clients
  • Appraisals may be completed provided all health requirements are met
  • Service providers may attend a property provided health requirements are met
  • All properties should have a NZ COVID Tracer app QR code throughout the sales process
  • Health requirements include:
    • Mask wearing is required for anyone aged 12 years and over when entering any property
    • NZ COVID Tracer app QR codes must be displayed in a prominent place at your office and any property for sale
    • Contact records must also be collected for every visit at a property or attendance by employees at your office
    • Systems and processes must be in place to ensure compliance with physical distancing
  • Infringement offences apply for breach of public health order requirements
  • Restrictions on travelling between alert level areas apply

Information about creating your own NZ COVID Tracer app QR code posters is available on the Ministry of Health website.

Information about conducting real estate business at alert level 2 is here.

You can find information for consumers about buying and selling property during alert level 3 on