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Auckland’s Ikea Warehouse and Expansion Plans

Signs of Expansion

A logistics expert suggests that Ikea‘s establishment of a massive 20,000m² warehouse implies the furniture giant’s intention to open more stores in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s first IKEA store will open at Auckland’s Sylvia Park

Preparations for Auckland Warehouse

The world’s largest furniture retailer is preparing to import goods for its upcoming Auckland warehouse, scheduled for early 2025. This warehouse will support the company’s first store in the region.

Size and Operations

With a spacious 34,000m² footprint, the Mt Wellington store in Auckland will surpass the global average size of Ikea outlets. The company anticipates frequent shipments from Asia as the store’s launch approaches.

According to supply chain expert Professor David Robb from Auckland University, the expansive distribution center’s size is indicative of Ikea’s plans for additional stores.

How Ikea’s Sylvia Park store will look like

Stocking Estimates

To stock its initial store, Robb approximates Ikea would need over 100 40-foot containers initially, followed by around a dozen per week to maintain inventory levels.

Robb points out that Ikea’s flat-pack furniture design enables more efficient importation, reducing the need for as many containers. This contrasts with larger retailers like The Warehouse.

New Zealand’s first Ikea store

Future Expansion and Operations

Ikea has yet to disclose long-term expansion strategies beyond its first New Zealand store. The company intends to consider expansion opportunities aligned with local demand once its inaugural store is established.

Robb highlights that the number of containers needed for one Ikea store will be notably smaller compared to the daily container volume at the Port of Auckland.

The decision to invest in a substantial warehouse signals Ikea’s anticipation of a significant long-term presence in the country.

‘Ikea’ of flat-pack homes

Warehouse Development

Last week, Ikea announced a partnership with Auckland Airport to construct and lease a 20,000m² warehouse at The Landing Business Park in Māngere, 15 kilometers from Sylvia Park.

The purpose-built warehouse will play a vital role in supporting the three-level store’s operations and its online shopping platform.

Supply Chain Advantage

Ikea’s supply chain is considered a competitive edge, enabling cost-effective manufacturing and shipping due to its flat-pack approach and eco-friendly materials.

The company collaborates with more than 1800 suppliers across 50 countries for raw materials. Market expansion manager Fabian Winterbine notes that for a store the size of the Auckland location, Ikea typically maintains six to ten weeks of stock.

Logistics and Operations

Container shipments are expected to arrive frequently, with a significant number of staff members hired to accommodate the store’s operation. Online shopping will not be available until the physical store opens.

Progress and Opening

Construction of the Auckland store is on schedule, with groundwork and piling slated for completion within the next six months. Above-ground construction is set to begin early next year, aiming for a Christmas 2025 opening.

Meanwhile, warehouse construction is imminent. Ikea, with 400 stores worldwide, has operated in Australia for nearly 50 years, with the upcoming Auckland store surpassing the size of most Australian outlets.

Artist impression of Ikea's first NZ store, set to open at Auckland's Sylvia Park at the end of 2025.
Artist impression of Ikea’s first NZ store, set to open at Auckland’s Sylvia Park at the end of 2025.


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