PHOTO: Kevin Tomlinson, right, accused rival brokers Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber, opposite, of manipulating data to hide their listings from competitors. “It gave them an unfair advantage,” he says.

Photo Illustration by Sean McCabe. Photographs by Manny Hernandez/Getty Images (Eber and Hertzberg), by Lenny Kagan/ (background). Video still by Jose A. Iglesias/The Miami Herald (officer and Tomlinson).

They’re known as the Jills. They’re two of America’s top realtors, selling the glitziest mansions in Miami. Then a place went missing—and everyday greed blossomed into full-blown extortion.

The two women are wearing black, which is rare for them. They’re typically dressed in sunny colors, ushering their clients into Miami’s multi-million-dollar mansions of glory. Their vibrant wardrobes and mile-wide smiles befit the No. 1 team in Miami real estate, brokers who have sold a staggering $3.4 billion worth of homes since 2005, making them the most successful residential agents in the national Coldwell Banker network: Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber, better known to friends and foes alike as the Jills.