Bindi Norwell


PHOTO: SUPPLIED Bindi Norwell: Expect rises in Gisborne and Manawatu/Whanganui.

Low interest rates are predicted to give the housing market a boost in many areas, as investors who cannot get a return from money in the bank look for other places to put their money.

Rising rents add to the appeal.

But while some areas are predicted to keep increasing at rates of more than 10 per cent, others are tipped to experience flat house prices for some time to come.

Experts say, if you want to  buy for capital gains, there are a few places to look.

Gisborne and Manawatu/Whanganui.

“Over the last few months we’ve seen significant median price growth in the middle of the North Island and the bottom of the South Island. When predicting which areas across the country are likely to have strong price lifts, we can look to areas that have a significant housing shortage, regions that still have an injection of funds to be spent from the Provincial Growth Fund, a lack of listings and price growth relative to other areas as strong indicators.”