PHOTO: John McGrath

Property boss John McGrath tried to discourage a sexual harassment complaint about one of his key agents, telling the alleged victim it was “just a stupid comment” that had the potential to be “blown out of proportion”.

Adrian Bo, the former head of sales at McGrath Estate Agents, was sacked this week following an independent investigation into claims he sexually harassed a junior male colleague in recent weeks. Mr Bo is accused of asking him “how many c..ks he had sucked?”

Following Mr Bo’s dismissal multiple sources have complained that he had a history of sexual harassment, including two incidents which resulted in payouts accompanied by non-disclosure agreements. Sources close to the McGrath business have also suggested that Mr Bo’s behaviour was known to the company’s founder, Mr McGrath.

The Sydney Morning Herald has learned of three instances in which female staff have made either sexual harassment claims against Mr Bo or asked HR that they be moved away from him because of his behaviour. The women have declined to be identified, citing concerns over reprisals and in two cases a non-disclosure agreement.