Jordan Cohen

PHOTO: Jordan Cohen #1 RE/MAX agent in the world

The author and six-time #1 RE/MAX agent in the world detailed his listing presentation for attendees of the 2023 RE/MAX R4.

No one does it better than Jordan Cohen. And that’s exactly how the six-time No. 1 RE/MAX agent in the world wants sellers to feel during the listing interview.


To a capacity crowd at the 2023 RE/MAX R4 convention, Cohen spent time walking attendees of his “Strategies to Win Listings” session through an abbreviated version of his listing presentation. The listing presentation, he says, isn’t designed to serve as a highlight reel of everything he’s achieved. Nor is it designed to brag on the brand or his brokerage or how much he’ll “spend” on the marketing. Instead, it’s carefully, strategically and scientifically designed to position him as the CEO of the sale, the seller as the Chairman of the Board, and the house as the star.


“I’ve created what I truly think every Realtor needs to create, which is an unbeatable, undeniable, powerful presentation to go in to [listing interviews] and compete against other real estate agents,” says Cohen, with RE/MAX One in Westlake Village, California. “So that’s what I did. That’s the one thing I have confidence in is my presentation because I proved myself thousands of times that you better bring your A-game if you’re going to beat me. I still have to compete all the time.”


Cohen, whose book “The Agent’s Edge: Secret Strategies to Win Listings and Make Your Fortune Selling Real Estate” is now available for pre-order, closed more than $300 million in sales volume in 2022 as an individual agent. He’s represented numerous celebrities and more than 150 professional athletes, and he believes his approach can be applied to any agent in any market.

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According to Cohen, these are a few of his winning strategies.

1. Be Strategic with Your Language

Cohen says small shifts in language can make a big difference in getting the attention of sellers. By explaining that no one is going to work harder, invest more time, money, passion and energy – note he doesn’t say spend – Cohen sets his ego aside and makes the seller comfortable.


“I never say, ‘Hire me.’ I don’t mail out anything that says, ‘List with Jordan.’ I push for the interview. I say, ‘I want to interview for the job of selling your home. I want to work for you.’ I never say, ‘I’m excited to work with you.’”


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He explains to the seller why he hires only the best photographer and what he’s going to do differently than other agents – pick the best photos, shoot at dusk, etc. – and he reminds them he gets paid only when the house sells, not when he lists it. But most importantly, through his language, he demonstrates how being a real estate agent is akin to being a sports or entertainment agent. Cohen shows how he’s going to market the home, while serving as the CEO of the job of selling the home.

2. Never Brag

Sellers don’t care what you’ve done or who you are, Cohen asserts. They care about what you’re going to do for them.


“They love the fact that I’m working for them, and they love the fact that I don’t talk about my past accomplishments,” he says. “I’ve always heard that what they don’t like about other real estate agents is they’re a little too braggy. They talk a little about their awards, they talk too much about comps.”

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To that end, Cohen makes it clear that the home is the star of the listing, not him. Every action he takes – including not putting his photo in his marketing materials – helps ensure the home remains front and center.

3. Highlight the Brand, but Don’t Rely on the Brand to Get the Listing

According to Cohen, he lets the sellers know he’s proud to work for RE/MAX, that he loves the brand and that it has a presence in over 110 countries and territories. But he also cautions them to not hire him because of that.


“[I say to the seller], ‘Are you aware of the fact that we’re all independent contractors? Basically what that means is we choose to work where we want to work. And that’s why I chose RE/MAX, because they don’t put a ceiling over my head. I don’t get a corporate guidance on what to do because my job is to sell your home and I don’t want anyone telling me what to do. I think if I work for another company that has more corporate structure, they might limit my ability to market your home and actually sell your home. So that’s the biggest reason I choose RE/MAX.’”

Knowing that other agents spend time talking up their companies, Cohen redirects sellers to know that although RE/MAX is the best brand, “[The brand] isn’t going to be the Realtor showing your home. … The job of Realtors is to maximize exposure and my goal today is to have you be as confident in me as I am in myself that I am that agent. The more people that I can have become aware of your property, the more people I can expose to your property, the better chance we have of finding that one buyer who will pay your price or more.”


At the end of the listing interview, Cohen says, his goal is for the seller to say they have no questions because he’s already proactively answered them all.


To hear more of Cohen’s winning strategies and to learn more about his many techniques, pre-order “The Agent’s Edge: Secret Strategies to Win Listings and Make Your Fortune Selling Real Estate” and make plans now to attend The RE/MAX Collection Luxury Forum, where he’ll be speaking again with the RE/MAX network, June 20-21 at the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans in Louisiana.



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