PHOTO: Mark Zuckerberg as a real estate agent?

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, is famously partial to wearing gray t-shirts and hoodies. About a decade ago he set “wear a tie to work every day for a year” as a personal goal – making clear to everyone that he views neckwear as a challenge. But, he’s rarely seen in the mid-step “business casual” attire that many people consider mandatory for a real estate agent at work.

That didn’t stop MarketWatch from publishing an eye-catching story today that asks a humorous question: “Mark Zuckerberg as a real-estate agent?”

The story included a photo that was edited to put Zuck’s smiling face on the body of an agent wearing khaki pants topped with a long-sleeve shirt and tie. (Does Zuck even own a pair of khaki pants?) He’s standing in front of a house for sale, and he has a nametag that says: “Hello. My name is Mark.”