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The Block: A Family of Hardworking Team Players

Neale Whitaker’s Journey with The Block

When working on The Block, it truly feels like becoming a part of a very special family. This dedicated team works tirelessly, putting in their best effort year after year to ensure The Block’s success as a top-rated TV show. The passion is instilled from the moment you step foot on the set.

Neale Whitaker has been an integral part of The Block family since 2010. Hailing from the UK, Neale arrived in Australia in 1999 and quickly established himself as a respected media personality and one of Australia’s leading style gurus.

Meet The Block 2023 Judges

For the 2023 season, The Block welcomes back familiar faces and introduces a new addition to the judging panel. Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer, Shaynna Blaze, and real estate guru Marty Fox will be the esteemed judges for the upcoming season.

Neale, while still a part of the team, has decided to step back from his full-time judging role to prioritize caring for his partner of over 20 years, David Novakpiper. In an Instagram post, Neale expressed his pride in completing his 17th season as a judge and his gratitude for being a part of this iconic show for 13 years. He also announced that Marty Fox would be joining Shaynna and Darren during the weeks when he couldn’t be present. Neale looks forward to returning full time for The Block’s 20th anniversary season in 2024, as David’s health is improving.

Neale Whitaker: A Journey of Success

English-born Neale started his career working for legendary London PR guru Lynne Franks. His experience as a fashion publicist and stylist led him to take on publishing roles for renowned British retailers like Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, and IKEA. Neale’s talents also shone through when he launched Food Illustrated for upmarket supermarket group Waitrose, setting new standards for food publishing in the UK. In 1999, Neale made his way to Sydney, where he became the editor of Marie Claire Lifestyle, a directional interiors magazine. His impeccable taste and professionalism earned him a devoted following, and he contributed regularly to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living supplement and US Gourmet magazine.

During his time at FPC Magazines (now NewsLifeMedia), Neale served as the editor of Vogue Entertaining + Travel and launched Delicious, which became the most successful magazine launch in Australian publishing history.

In 2009, Neale was invited to join the judging panel of Nine’s TV show homeMADE, where he provided feedback to aspiring interior designers. His frank honesty, warm humor, and British eccentricities charmed audiences, leading to an invitation to become a permanent judge on The Block, a renovation reality series that has won multiple Logie Awards. Millions of Australians have benefited from Neale’s advice and insights shared with the show’s contestants.

Neale Whitaker: A Life Beyond The Block

In addition to his work on The Block, Neale Whitaker and his partner David have embarked on an alcohol-free journey. Neale has shared glimpses of this journey on his Instagram, hoping to inspire others to prioritize their well-being. They have also created a magnificent space called Taylor’s of Berry on the NSW South Coast, showcasing their unique twist on country-style living. The picturesque house is available for rent, and you can find more details on their Instagram page, @taylorsofberry, or through Latitude South Coast.

Exciting Sneak Peek: The Block 2023

The countdown to The Block 2023 has officially begun with the release of a sneak peek of Season 19. Host Scott Cam’s attire, featuring a leather jacket and luscious locks, hints at a journey back to the 1950s. The new Blockheads will be tasked with renovating five incredible Aussie homes from that era. The teaser promises a battle among five feisty new Blockhead couples, and the return of familiar faces, including judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker, and Darren Palmer, as well as site foreman Keith and co-host Shelley Craft.

The Block 2023

The Block 2023

The Block: Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

As filming concludes and the contestants bid their farewells, the houses on Charming Street, Hampton Victoria, are ready for the next phase. A thorough cleaning takes place, suppliers visit the site to capture imagery of their products, and real estate agents begin their sales campaigns. Behind the scenes, the hardworking and dedicated production team tirelessly produces and edits the episodes to deliver exceptional TV content. The Block Shop and Insider Style are thrilled to hear about David’s great recovery and commend Neale for prioritizing what truly matters: family.

At The Block Shop, the excitement begins as they piece together the extensive supplier list and upload all the products featured on the show. This way, viewers can shop for the beautiful furniture and homewares from the comfort of their own homes. The Block Shop categorizes every room featured on The Block, creating a comprehensive Block catalogue. If you’re interested in shopping what the contestants have used, head over to their website.

With Tools Down, The Block concludes another successful season. Stay tuned for the premiere date of Season 19, set to air on Channel Nine. The Block, a labor of love by a dedicated and hardworking team, continues to captivate audiences as Australia’s premier renovation show.