PHOTO: “I was happy to let him do whatever it took for our place to sell.” (iStock)

The first thing my husband Liam* said when he saw our real estate agent, Louise*, was “Wow, she’s a sort!” — so that was my first warning sign.

I thought it was okay because it was in character for him to make a comment like that; he was constantly teasing me about other women, so I just assumed he was in one of his teasing moods.

Louise was definitely “a sort” – tall with long blonde hair and a gorgeous, curvy figure. I’m short with brown hair, the absolute opposite of Louise, but Liam had never complained about my looks, so I was pretty OK when it came to my self-esteem.

Liam had been retrenched from his job and had a big payout, so he wanted to take six months off before he looked for new work. I was working full-time, so Liam became the ‘house husband’ for a while, taking the kids to and from day care and having meals prepared by the time I got home from work.