PHOTO: Trina Jones, the former chief executive of Homelessness Australia

The NSW Government Appoints Inaugural Rental Commissioner to Revolutionize Rental Market

Trina Jones appointed as the first-ever state rental commissioner

The NSW government has taken a significant step towards transforming the rental market and empowering renters by appointing the state’s first rental commissioner. Trina Jones, former chief executive of Homelessness Australia, will officially assume the role on 7 August. As the rental commissioner, Jones aims to advocate for renters, strengthen their rights, and enhance the fairness of the rental market.

“In taking on the role of rental commissioner, my mission is to amplify the voice of renters, help strengthen their rights, and improve the fairness of the rental market,” stated Jones.

Reforms and Collaboration for a Fairer Rental Market

The rental commissioner will collaborate with the government and stakeholders to design and implement changes that rebalance the rental market, making it fairer and more modern. Working closely with government, industry, renters, and owners, Jones aims to collaboratively find solutions to housing challenges in the state.

As the newly appointed NSW Rental Commissioner, Trina Jones will serve as an advocate for renters and actively contribute to the consultation-based rental reforms recently announced by the government. These reforms include facilitating pet ownership for renters, eliminating ‘no-grounds’ evictions, introducing a portable bonds scheme, and enhancing renter privacy and information protection.

Tackling Key Challenges in the NSW Rental Market

Alongside these reforms, the rental commissioner will also tackle various other challenges affecting the NSW rental market. This includes examining rental affordability and supply, promoting longer-term rental agreements, exploring energy efficiency solutions, creating educational resources for renters and owners, and monitoring existing tenancy laws.

Premier and Minister Express Support

Premier Chris Minns expressed his support for the appointment, acknowledging the difficulties faced by renters in the current market. He emphasized the government’s commitment to making NSW a fairer place for both renters and owners and working collaboratively with the rental commissioner to address long-standing issues.

Minister for Fair Trading and Better Regulation Anoulack Chanthivong highlighted the significance of secure and fair housing for renters. He emphasized Trina Jones’ role in advocating for meaningful change and driving improvements in stability and fairness in the rental market.

Positive Response from Tenants’ Union NSW

Renters advocacy group Tenants’ Union NSW welcomed Trina Jones’ appointment, expressing optimism that her role as the rental commissioner will elevate the conversation about renting in the state. They acknowledged the historical lack of support for renters and the suboptimal performance of the rental sector, emphasizing the need for change and the potential impact of the rental commissioner.

Leo Patterson Ross, chief executive of Tenants’ Union of NSW, highlighted the pressing issue of escalating rents and the need for a fresh and ambitious conversation to address affordability. He expressed readiness to work together with Commissioner Jones towards the shared goal of ensuring that all homes are good homes.


The appointment of Trina Jones as the inaugural rental commissioner in NSW marks a significant milestone in reshaping the rental market. With a focus on amplifying the voice of renters, strengthening their rights, and implementing reforms, the rental commissioner aims to create a fairer and more balanced environment for tenants. Collaboration between the rental commissioner, government, industry, renters, and owners will be crucial in addressing the challenges faced by the rental market and working towards a more sustainable and equitable housing system.