first home


PHOTO: TOM LEE/STUFF Reuben Nuku and Jo Lines-MacKenzie are struggling to find their first home in Hamilton

There’s no question — buying a first home is tough; buying in Auckland toughest of all.

But not everyone has resigned themselves to renting or saving hard in hope that prices will tumble making that first step possible.

Since 2017 Homed has shared stories of young Kiwis who’ve overcome the odds to buy a home, and in some cases a second or third.

Their success stories are meant to inspire, and we’ve noticed that many of them had common elements.

Reality check: It’s OK to feel a bit depressed reading about house purchases made in the perennially greener property pastures of the 2010s. The average NZ house value increased 32.6 per cent in the last four years alone.


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