PHOTO: Paul & Anne Davies

Real estate industry disruptor One Agency celebrate their 10th Anniversary after launching at AREC in May 2008. Paul Davies, Founder & CEO of the brand has created a proven and sustainable business model and the popularity and success of the group has seen it become Australasia’s fastest growing network in just 10 years.

One Agency was developed around engaging with professional, experienced, business-savvy agents and office owners who sought the strength, credibility and support of a brand but without the over-inflated costs, reporting requirements and restrictions of a traditional franchise model.

“A strong trend in recent times has seen the appointment of more offices migrating from traditional franchises over to us, rather than individual operators, which was the rule of thumb in our earlier years,” says Mr. Davies. “Our network grew quietly through the post GFC period, hitting its straps over the past 4-5 years and now boasts members in all states and territories along with a strong contingent in New Zealand.”

Late 2017 saw the informal roll-out of three sister brands, focusing on specialists in Rural, Commercial and Projects marketplaces.

“It’s been an incredible journey over the past decade,” he says, “I’ve worked in real estate for more than 45 years, have owned both franchises and independent agencies and so when we launched One Agency, I knew exactly what real estate business owners would want and need, I had been my own prospective customer.”

Paul’s wife Annie threw down the gauntlet to him after completing the set up of his fourth agency, an independent, and suggested to Paul that he should replicate his business model for other agents who were complaining about the cost of operating their businesses. She said; “Why not add a brand to it and keep it all economical?”

So that’s exactly what they did, the couple sold their home and backed their dream, with belief, hard work and sheer enthusiasm that has paid off. “We are now an overnight success after 10 years,” he says.

Paul also greatly enjoys watching agents flourish in their own enterprise, especially when they come out of a business where the fee split is savage and they are not valued for their input and efforts. These agents are so much happier and far more secure, not to mention the dramatic increase in income that follows.

He understands what’s involved in starting small on a tight budget and growing steadily from a strong foundation. Keeping an eye on the business operating costs, is a critical element to success. Paul is famous for keeping a close eye on the bottom line. ”It’s not what you make that counts, it’s how much is left after expenses that is the only measure.”

The tenets of simplicity are still held dear 10 years on, allowing members to focus on listing, selling and managing their own business and head office to spend its time developing and introducing wider options and services to the network. “By selecting experienced, professional members who don’t require constant hand-holding and seek the opportunity and freedom to run their business their way, we’re able to retain a strong focus on growing the brand,” says Mr.Davies.

With businesses spreading right accross Australia and New Zealand and interest from further aboard, it seems inevitable that One Agency will progress to be a strong International brand.


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