PHOTO: DAVID UNWIN/STUFF Mordaunt and Wetering met on a plane from the United States to New Zealand.

OUR PEOPLE: When Tim Mordaunt and Sue Wetering started a tourism business in Zimbabwe three years ago, people thought they were mad.

Robert Mugabe was still president and the country was broke. But on a previous visit, they’d met Kaz Dube, an African guide, and liked the look of him. He wanted to create his own business and they supported him.

African Safari Walks was established at Hwange National Park and the business is growing year by year.

“When you walk in the wildlife you learn so much more than being driven everywhere,” Wetering says.

The national park is as distant from Harare, the capital city, as you can get. It’s about 800 kilometres away. Tourists fly into Victoria Falls, travel down to Hwange and return to Victoria Falls to depart.

“We’ve made it work,” Mordaunt says and, to make sure, they travel to Zimbabwe every year to update themselves and check out the situation.


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