PHOTO: Filmed before current Sydney restrictions. Picture: YouTube Source: Supplied

A hilarious video encapsulating the pain that many budding Aussie homebuyers experience when attending an auction is going viral,

YouTube user friendlyjordies posted the painfully accurate clip Monday, which has already clocked almost 130,000 views in 24 hours.

As the auction commences, the auctioneer touts some of the appealing aspects of the house, including the fact that the house “is filled to the brim with cockroach eggs… doors and windows are also available.”

The five-minute video shows multiple stereotypical characters that you may expect to see at a typical auction in Sydney right now, and ends with the sobering statement.

“Auctions: where 30 year olds are reminded how much their lives suck every Saturday.”

Viewers were in agreement that the video, while vulgar in parts, is fairly spot on.

“As a former agent the only thing I disagree on is how high the bidding started, should have started at 200k with 100 bidders.” Mana Glen said.

“Oh man the Greek emerging from the scrub was the icing on the cake, or should I say lemon on the meringue,” one user commented.

“I liked Jordies when he made me laugh, now he just makes me depressed and want to cry,” remarked another.

A sobering statement for any 30-year old. Picture: YouTube

A sobering statement for any 30-year old. Picture: YouTube Source: Supplied