PHOTO: Australia

  • The best suburbs to invest in over the last five years have been uncovered, with Mickleham in Melbourne’s north rising nearly 200%, according to data provided exclusively to Business Insider Australia by Finder.
  • Outer suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne took out the top of the list, but were closely followed by suburbs far further afield.
  • Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, New South Wales’ South Coast, and regional Victoria all got a run, making investors a whole lot richer in just five years.
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The property boom is not confined to Sydney and Melbourne.

While those two cities have been two of the biggest beneficiaries – or victims, depending on your perspective – of price growth in recent years, they’re certainly not alone.

In research provided exclusively to Business Insider Australia, comparison site Finder has found the ten Australian suburbs you should have invested five years ago. While it’s topped by outer city suburbs, it also shows the sheer breadth of the property boom, with regional Victoria, New South Wales South Coast, and Queensland’s Sunshine coast all getting a guernsey.

“It is no surprise that properties in Sydney in Melbourne [have shown] the most investment promise as these cities have seen a meteoric rise in value over the last five years,” Finder insights manager Graham Cooke told Business Insider Australia. “Most of the profit in these suburbs comes from the property prices rising rather than the rental income, which just shows how important it is to monitor sales prices in your area.”