PHOTO: Property managers are dropping landlords as insulation standards kick in

It’s landlords who are finding themselves out in the cold as property managers begin to walk away from clients who haven’t insulated their rentals, reports Don Rowe.

Two weeks after the first of New Zealand’s healthy homes deadlines, property managers are dropping landlords who refuse to insulate.

David Faulkner, director of property management consulting firm Real-iQ, estimated around 5% of landlords have been dropped by property managers concerned about scrutiny from an increasingly punitive MBIE, the risk of litigation and the likelihood of negative media coverage.

“For about three years now we’ve been writing to landlords saying do the insulation, do the insulation, do the insulation. We’ve been picking up the phone and calling landlords. Some landlords, I hate to say it, have buried their heads in the sand, hoping the problem goes away.