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As the use of ad blockers becomes increasingly common, website owners and advertisers face challenges in reaching their target audience effectively. In New Zealand, the rise of ad blocking has compelled businesses to find innovative ways to overcome this obstacle. One website that has found a unique approach to bypass ad blocking is By presenting ads as mere images on their pages, has managed to navigate around ad blocking mechanisms, enabling them to continue displaying advertisements to their users. In this article, we will delve into the ad blocking landscape in New Zealand and explore how has adopted this intriguing strategy.

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The Rise of Ad Blocking in New Zealand

Ad blocking has gained significant traction in recent years, fueled by users’ desire for an uninterrupted online experience and concerns about privacy. By using browser extensions or plugins, users can effectively block advertisements from appearing on websites, eliminating the distractions caused by pop-ups, banners, and video ads. According to a 2021 report by GlobalWebIndex, approximately 30% of internet users in New Zealand employ ad blocking tools, posing a significant challenge for advertisers and website owners in the country.

‘With upto 40% of Kiwis having AD blocking on the devices – Google ADS is not getting the cut-though some would expect. A large percentage of people are not seeing the ADS’ 


Ad Blocking Challenges for Websites

For website owners and content creators who rely on advertisements for revenue, the prevalence of ad blockers can be detrimental. Ads are crucial for sustaining the free availability of online content and supporting the operations of numerous websites. However, with the widespread adoption of ad blockers, these revenue streams are compromised, making it difficult for websites to generate income and maintain their services. Consequently, the need for alternative solutions has become paramount.



We reckon it is the BEST property news update in NZ! A Unique Approach, a popular real estate news website in New Zealand, has devised a clever method to bypass ad blocking mechanisms without explicitly violating their users’ preferences. Instead of employing traditional ad formats that are easily recognized and filtered out by ad blockers, presents ads as mere images embedded within their pages. By incorporating these images seamlessly into their content, the website can circumvent ad blockers, ensuring that their advertisements are still visible to users.

The Distinction between Content and Ads

The key to‘s approach lies in the classification of ads as images rather than traditional advertisements. While ad blockers can detect and remove ad-related elements based on predefined rules, they are less likely to target regular images that are not inherently categorized as ads. By blurring the lines between content and ads, succeeds in delivering promotional material while avoiding outright blocking.

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As the use of ad blockers continues to grow in New Zealand, website owners face the challenge of delivering advertisements effectively to their audience. has cleverly addressed this issue by presenting ads as mere images embedded within their pages, allowing them to sidestep ad blocking mechanisms. While this strategy offers a temporary solution, the long-term sustainability of such approaches will depend on the evolution of ad blocking technologies and users’ perceptions of online advertising. Ultimately, finding a delicate balance between generating revenue and respecting user preferences is essential for website owners and advertisers in navigating the ad blocking landscape.