ATM skimming

PHOTO: The tourists targeted ATMs in the Cannon Hill and Wynnum areas.CREDIT:PAUL ROVERE

Two Serbian tourists used a “sophisticated system” to film people using ATMs to steal bank card details and PINs.

Real estate agent Filip Mrkajic, 40, and singer Romana Panic, 45, attached skimming devices and pinhole cameras to three Brisbane ATMs in March and April.

The pair were in Australia on tourist visas when they ran into money problems before hatching the plan to “fill their wallets”, Brisbane District Court Judge Paul Smith said.

They obtained bank details of more than 35 people.


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Police searched the Spring Hill unit where Mrkajic and Panic were staying in April after a technician found devices on an ATM at Kelvin Grove.

Officers found $23,500 of tainted money, card skimming devices, data storage cards depicting footage of customers at ATMs, personal banking details for customers at those banks and tools to install further devices.

Some footage was from a camera placed on a Cannon Hill ATM for eight hours.

Officers found Mrkajic had conducted a reconnaissance of the ATM before returning two days later wearing a baseball cap and surgical mask.



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