PHOTO: The threat of erosion and rising seas has some worried about the future of the bathing boxes. Photo: Leigh Henningham

Melbourne’s famous Brighton bathing boxes could lose their appeal among potential buyers, experts say, with dramatic scenes of storm-wrought waves bringing into focus the risk of rising seas affecting their value.

And as climate change melts polar ice and lifts sea levels, erosion experts warn Melbourne’s beaches will be more at risk of disappearing as time wears on.

Herron Todd White Melbourne managing director Tony Kelly said climate change and other factors could lessen their value in the long-term.

“I would think now with concerns around skin cancer, rising sea levels, climate change, they [might not be as popular],” he said. “At the king tide they can even be washed away so I can see why some banks wouldn’t want to lend for them or use them as surety on a loan.”