Freemans Bay villa


PHOTO: BARFOOT & THOMPSON This original villa in Anglesea Street, Freemans Bay is about to get a new lease of life. It has been bought by property developer Murphy McDade, who grew up in the area.

When you grow up in a small suburb, you get to know the locals, which is how it came to be that the new owner of this Anglesea Street villa in Freemans Bay has a family connection.

The house, just metres from Ponsonby Road and one of the last still to be “done up”, sold under the hammer on March 16, 2019, to property developer Murphy McDade, who grew up round the corner in Wellington Street. It sold for $1.16 million, $615,000 under the $1.775 million RV, the price reflecting the work needing to be done.

McDade is not only a former local – he went to school with owner Nick Puia’s late uncle Jimmy.



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