PHOTO: A finance guy has revealed how he turned about $40,000 in savings he accumulated as a teenager into five properties

Finance guy Morgan Bushell has bought five houses spread around the country using minimal savings and it’s thanks to a creative approach that he claims can be easily replicated.

Rather than saving for each new purchase, the Sydney resident said he relies instead on market forces and banking products to do the work for him, along with pitching in some elbow grease.

He revealed it’s also an approach he learned the hard way through trial and error and making mistakes with his first investment.

Mr Bushell said getting into property investing was a goal from an early age and he started saving for real estate while working high school and university jobs.

“The original aim for me was to create wealth by owning property,” Mr Bushell said. “I figured there had to be more to putting money into a savings account and getting a few per cent in interest.”

He bought his first property in 2013 aged 23 while working in a graduate position with one of the country’s biggest banks.

He used $35,000 as a 20 per cent deposit to buy a three-bedroom house in Wagga Wagga for $171,000, with stamp duty and other buying costs requiring about $5000.

“I had been saving since I was 16. It was multiple jobs: paper delivery, Dominos, bar work and then working part time at the bank while I was at uni,” Mr Bushell said.

“Just through saving hard I had accumulated a large deposit. I was working in Wagga at the time and knew it well so I decided to buy an investment property rather than a home to live in.”

One of Morgan Bushell's properties includes this house in Browns Plains, Qld.

One of Morgan Bushell’s properties includes this house in Browns Plains, Qld. Source: Supplied