Larissa Rogers​

PHOTO: ABIGAIL DOUGHERTY/STUFF An extraordinary appeal to the High Court to overturn the old shoplifting conviction might be an option for Rogers, Dr Bill Hodge says.

A woman who stole a $10 bottle of wine as a teenager and turned herself in to police four years ago has been denied a real estate agent’s licence as a result.

Larissa Rogers​, of Whangārei, gave up her job for a real estate course, got good marks, impressed her tutor and had work lined up.

But a theft conviction has now scuppered her career – and a legal scholar says Rogers’ predicament is common for many young people suffering for years-old run-ins with the law.


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Rogers told Stuff she was hugely disappointed, but was weighing up her options for the future.

“I’ve basically done what I can with the help and support but there’s nothing else that I can do apart from wait.”

Clean slate laws mean Rogers could conceal her record from 2023, seven years after the conviction.




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