The Block NZ


PHOTO: MEDIAWORKS These two blokes are in a spot of bother. Perhaps Ethan and Sam need to buy their furniture and not build it themselves.

REVIEW: How easy it is to go from hero to zero on The Block NZ: Firehouse, but the shock of the boy’s “disaster zone” kids’ room pales next to the shock announcement of a fifth team and judge Jason Bonham’s heart attack.

Bonham is recovering in Auckland Hospital (where he’s not a fan of the decor – we wish him all the best). And we don’t get to meet Team Black till Monday night, but the introduction of a fifth team to do up the basement apartment will put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Sophia and Mikaere, especially, will be anxious to see if their standing will diminish – actually, every team will be nervous about this unknown quanitity. Let’s face it, it’s extra competition at games time, and there will be more opportunities for people to side with or against each other.


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